Focus and Scope

Journal of Management Industry and Technology , National University of Veterans Development, East Java is a journal that effectively bridges the gap between academics, policy makers, and practitioners and connects various Industrial Engineering and Management communities. While the focus of the publication of this journal on Industrial Engineering and Management research includes:

·         Reverse Logistics Management

·         Global Supply Chain  Management

·         Human Factors Engineering/Industrial Ergonomics

·         Risk Management

·         Operation Research/Optimization/Metaheuristics

·         Production Planning and Scheduling

·         Sustainable Manufacturing Systems

·         Management of Technology and Innovation

·         Quality Control and Management

·         Product Design and Development

·         Service Design and Management

·         Healt and Safety management

·         Cost Analysis Management/Financial Engineering

·         Business Process Engineering

·         Facility Design and Layout

·         Transportation Management

·         Information Management and Technology

·         Warehouse Management

·         Customer Relation Management